Old Family Photos From Seaside

Old Family Photos From Seaside

I came across a photo album in a box of my father’s things and found all these great pictures of my dad and his family spending time in Seaside back in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  I had never seen these before – sure wish my dad was still here to tell me about them!

My great-grandparents, Giovanni and Anna Maria, built this house on the South Prom in Seaside way back in the 1920’s and the family owned it up until the late 1950’s.  Although they lived in Portland, they spent a lot of time at their beach house and my dad spent many summers there with his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins….just like many Portland families do now!  The house is still there, right on the boardwalk, and although it looks a little different now you can still tell it was one of the great old houses of Seaside….

Don’t you love that rock wall!



Along the boardwalk on the South Prom…


Check out the swings!  Wood planks and rope…and big wooden posts!

This photo is probably from about 1936.


Okay…that slide is really tall and steep!


Some things never change….love those sand pails!


This photo cracks me up… my other great-grandmother in her fur coat and black hat hanging out on Seaside Beach.

This photo was probably taken around 1932.



Love this!! Classic “Boys of Summer”! Surf fishing!



…. And fishing off of one of the bridges in town…not sure which one but this was taken in 1940.


Another picture of the house and that awesome rock wall!  Oh…and my dad on a fat tire bike.



Had to put this picture in…the back of the beach house with my dad sitting on the hood of very cool old car!

Summer of 1934.



One last picture….just because it is so darn cute of my dad and his brother…taken about 1937.


I think I now know what will be displayed on one of those big walls in the cottage!

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  1. Love the pictures of family with Grandparents, Mom and Pop, Ed, Ki and Johnny (Jon), Bette, Gert and Frank. Priceless!!! So glad you found these.

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