September at the coast…..the most beautiful time of year in my opinion.  The weather is usually clear with maybe some morning mist and warm afternoons. The leaves are just starting to turn and the light has that bit of haze and there is a taste of crispy in the air.  A good time for a fire in the fireplace and salmon season is coming to an end and the blackberries are ripe and a beach cottage is a cozy place to be.

Labor Day Weekend is kind of the last hurrah of summer on the north coast.  School starts either the week before or right after in this area so the tourists and families and crowds start to disappear.  Weekends will still draw families to the coast during the fall months if they are not busy with school sports and such but not as often and only for a few days.

So, of course, this is when those lucky people who don’t live by the school year head to the beaches.  They know that the beaches and towns on the north coast are the places to be after August is a summer memory.

Here are a few pictures of the garden in the morning in early September…





The old backstop for the ball field behind the cottage was just knocking me out!  Quite the display of blazing red Virginia Creeper which pretty much has covered the entire thing. Just beautiful!



In the front of the cottage, under the kitchen window, is this fushia plant that has grown so big and lush that you cannot even see the window box full of flowers behind it.  I am used to fushia growing in hanging baskets….not a huge shrub covered in flowers!  I usually manage to kill those hanging baskets off in dry and hot Central Oregon so this is really something!  So pretty!




Thought I would share a little bit of our local color with you. These big boys decided to have lunch in the garden a few weeks back.  I think they found those big red and orange rose hips mighty tasty!


They must have come back a few times and spent some time hanging out all over the yard and driveway….here they pretty much trampled through the daisy flowerbed.


And they left us lots of presents everywhere!  Harry had to scoop the driveway with an old kiddie beach shovel that was headed to the donation pile but we will be keeping it now….

I have a feeling these guys will be back.



Gearhart Beach on a September day.  Big blue sky and water.  As we were sitting there enjoying our afternoon a whole wedding party walked down onto the beach.  This is a popular spot for weddings so we are used to this.  This time the bride took a stroll down the beach right in front of us in her beautiful wedding dress with the flower girl.  We just had to take a picture – they both looked so lovely!


One last early September memory….Game Day and Oregon Duck football in the cottage for the first time!






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  1. I love this Michelle! You are so plugged into the things I love about my life in Gearhart and the north oregon coast. Thanks for including us Saturday night! I love the spontaneous gatherings that happen in Gearhart….until the next morning! (smiles).

    Hope your September in Bend is great too!

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